Cummins (Mexico) Current Product Quality Engineer in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Education: Electrical, Industrial Electronic, Mechanic-Electric Engineer

4 years of experience in :

•Basic knowledge of reliability tools

•Basic knowledge of statistical tools (Paretos, control charts, histograms, Weibull)

Activities :

•Lead and manage projects related to regional issues on current product and infant care process

•Communication of top issues to LATAM Leaders

•Product Quality Hopper management

•Team member of top projects in LATAM,

•Active member of local and global PQC forums

•Run and interpret basic reliability reports for the region.

Skills :


•Team work


•Management of priorities

Job: Ingeniería

Title: Current Product Quality Engineer

Location: México-San Luis Potosí-San Luis Potosí-Mexico, San Luis Potosi, Plant

Requisition ID: 238824